Part 2: Week Page : June 3rd – June 7th, 2021



COMMENTARY : The cautionary tale in Osaka’s exit

(i). Background

(ii). Deep hypocrisy

(iii). The example of Norway

(iv). The WHO Special Initiative for Mental Health

COMMENTARY : India’s relationship with Bangladesh

(i). Diplomacy with Bangladesh

(ii). Favorable steps

(iii). For India to note

COMMENTARY : India betters score in the latest SDG Index, but methodological tinkering is cause for concern

COMMENTARY : BRICS The coming together of the powerful five

(i). The origins of BRICS

(ii). Long-­term prospects

(iii). Reforming the UN

STORY : A Chinese enclave in Sri Lanka?

(i). The story so far

(ii). Why is the project surrounded by controversies?

(iii). When was it launched

(iv). What is the extent of China’s involvement

(v). What are the concerns

COMMENTARY : On Vaccination gap

(i). Background

(ii). How to go about it

COMMENTARY : World Environment Day, saving biodiversity

(i). Background

(ii). Commentary on our forests

(iii). Programmes and provisions

OPINION : Information Technology Rules

(i). Background

(ii). Privacy vs Security debate

COMMENTARY : Decriminalisation of sex work and labour rights

(i). Background

(ii). Legislations governing sex work

(iii). Labour Rights

Profile : Naftali Bennett

(i). Background

(ii). Personal Life

(iii). Political views on Palestine and road ahead

EXPLAINER : Global Minimum Tax

(i). Background

(ii). Why a global minimum

(iii). How would a global minimum tax work

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Sources referred to : The Hindu, The Indian Express, Live Law, Bar & Bench